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Casio Yahtzee, For 1 to 4 players
Version: 1.1 Intelligent score counting system, clear menu structure for scores. Standard rules. Version 1.1 supports bonus. Score: Yahtzee, Full straight, Small straight, Full house, Carré, Three of a kind, Chance, Ones, Two's, Three's, Fours, Fives and Sixes.
Each dice can be locked, except for the first throw. You dont need to throw three times, by clicking 'take' (f6) you can collect your score. To throw click exe, after three times you are prompted to click exe again. You will be presented a menu to collect your score. With the arrow keys you can position the score marker, hitting exe collects the score, you can choose zero, but when there is no score presented that possibility is allready taken. (it is impossible to choose this selection) In the score menu one can only select free position, for example, when you have allready chosen to score full straight you can't do that again. After a throw the next player is prompted to throw the dices. Now you can view your score list to see which throw would be best (press menu). When everyone has played 13 throws the final scores are presented.
Casio Yahtzee Update: 17-11-2006
Version 1.1 Bugfix: - Last score was not added in total scores (fixed)

Continue a game
Bonus scores
New score board with bonus points

Bonus score: When you score more then 0 points for every option in the first list you get 100 points bonus. When you score more then 63 points as the sum of list 2 you get 35 points bonus.

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