Cannot assign a complex number to a List element

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Cannot assign a complex number to a List element

Postby brickviking » Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:43 am

I accidentally erased all the programs on my 9750g+, an easy thing to do when running calculator tests, and now I'm having a little trouble trying to retro-fit my Grocery program from the 9750gII back to the g+.

I've struck an issue where I cannot assign a number with a complex part (i.e. 5+3i) to a List member (5+3i->List 4[1]), I get "Syn Error" with the pointer stuck on List. Any way I can do this on a 9750G+? It's certainly possible on the 9750GII. I even tried 5+3i->Y, then Y->List 4[1], but again, the calculator wasn't having it (slang for wouldn't accept it).

I vaguely remember having to do some chicanery with DIM List, but as I don't remember what the command was, I can't figure out how to fix what I have so that it works.

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