Xfer9860 With Libusb-1.0

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Xfer9860 With Libusb-1.0

Postby brleoal » Wed Mar 12, 2014 7:52 am

The changes I made are:

- I changed the variable types (struct, pointer).
- I changed the functions for libusb-1.0 (libusb_bulk_transfer () libusb_init () libusb_open (), etc).
- I changed some functions (changed and added 1 or 2) according to (9860gii project in Chinese, works on Windows)

I have some problems with the program xfer9860.
First, I'm not working with the code of 9860 gii (in Chinese).
What I did was download the original source xfer9860 (from code and did an upgrade to the new library libusb-1.0 basing on the source of the program gii 9860 (in Chinese) code.

I see that chinese program works well on all calculators. (see screenshot)
I need help on how I can rewrite the code of project gii 9860 (in Chinese) which works on Windows, in a code so that I could compile it on Linux.

I send my advance upgrade for the original program xfer9860 (from The source have a makefile, so you can compile the program and run the binary.

This is my advance:

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Re: Xfer9860 With Libusb-1.0

Postby elektronisk » Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:25 pm

For information, this change has been merged into xfer9860.

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