Which Classpad for native C development?

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Which Classpad for native C development?

Postby mogkupo » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:04 pm


I'm about to buy a Classpad 330 plus (for the better screen) however I'm seeing signs that the proper SDK allowing me to write addins cannot be used on that calculator.

Has that issue been solved in the intervening years or should I be getting a 300 plus instead?

Need to retire my poor old FX-730P which after over 30 years of faithful service has reached the end of its useful life and these Classpads seem to have a similarly basic-like language which will I hope allow me to use it in much the same way (but as I'm a better C coder than I was when I was 11 I'd quite like to go that route too)


(PS: Yes, I'm aware of the newer colour ones but I consider battery life more important than visual chrome so it'll be a 300+/330+ for me)

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