Renesas' toolchain errors

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Renesas' toolchain errors

Postby cakeisalie5 » Fri May 12, 2017 8:56 pm

Hi! These last days, I've been trying to build libcarrot (my alternative libc) using Python 3.x and Renesas' toolchain. After a few stupid problems with the C compiler and the assembler, I'm encountering a problem with the linker, optlnk.exe. Basically, I'm doing a command like this (using -subcommand):
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form library=s
output "libcarrot.lib"

But here is the error I get:
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** L2301 (E) Duplicate module "sdk.c" in "arch\casiowin\fxlib\obj\file\sdk.c.obj"

The thing is, I want to be able to have two sdk.c, so I would like to change the module name, or import it in the created library with the new name (which would basically be the complete path, if possible). But I looked through the manual, and couldn't find anything like this... help D:

PS: My subcommand for using SHC is the following one (CPU options, source and object files are generated, SHCPU, SHC_LIB, SHC_INC and SHC_TMP are set):
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Re: Renesas' toolchain errors

Postby SimonLothar » Fri May 12, 2017 10:00 pm

This are some optlnk commands to manage libraries

Add or replace the module "lean_setup_test" in library fx_test.lib:
optlnk -FO=library -LIB=fx_test -LIS=fx_test.lst -REP=lean_setup_test.obj

Delete the module "lean_setup_test" from library fx_test.lib:
optlnk -FO=library -LIB=fx_test -LIS=fx_test.lst -DEL=lean_setup_test

List a library:
optlnk -FO=library -LIB=fx_test -LIS=fx_test.lst
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