Inter-community research effort

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Inter-community research effort

Postby lephe » Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:52 pm

Hi Casiopeia, :)

I had a few occasions of coming here to talk about technical matters, and I found that your past work and reverse-engineering documentation were godly tools for add-in development. Recently, both Yatis and I deeply researched the key scan interface, but most of our findings turned out to be rediscoveries of register mappings Simon had already understood. Researching such things when knowledge already exists is, I think you will agree, somewhere between time-consuming and bluntly useless.

I'm not the only one making this kind of analysis; Cakeisalie5 also has prime examples of such things occurring as far as Japan. With all the communities out there --Planète Casio, TI-Planet, Casiopeia, the UCF, Code Walrus, Cemetech, cnCalc just to name a few--, this is not a big surprise. The few people bridging the gap between the communities are not enough to make knowledge circulate as much as it could. And this is somewhat annoying that individual research and development efforts do not benefit all.

We are trying to do something about it by creating a group to link the Casio programming communities. The basic idea is to have one (or more) representative of each community regularly share the work of their community with the rest of the group. A few other tasks revolve around this, such as linking together the available documentation, posts and wikis scattered over various places in the web. ;)

We hope that Casiopeia can participate in this group, especially because you produced a lot of knowledge but only few people know about it. And it is not only useful at developing add-ins, as one member at Planète Casio tampered a lot with low-level stuff using Simon's chm data and now considers studying this field. I regret that this work has never been written down on our shared Casio Universal Wiki.

I think connecting the communities like this is a low-hanging fruit in our research efforts. What are you thoughts? :D

See also the threads we posted on other forums (will update when new threads are posted):

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