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View the latest post Prizm fx-CG50 announced for spring 2017

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Announcement: ... calculator

Seems as if they are basically porting the fx-CP400 3D graphing functionality.
I did not read anything regarding touch, so this is nothing like the HP Prime.


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View the latest post fx-CP400+ E with exam mode and LED

According to French online sellers, this model will be available in June 2016.

fx-CP400 emulator with OS 2.01:
Casio Education France website:


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View the latest post Classpad II fx-cp400 OS 2.00 announced

Casio Education Australia published recently on its website the announcement of the future OS 2.00 for Classpad II, which will be released in August.

Image Image Image

Some of the main new features are:

  • Sliders & pinch zoom in graphs
  • Interact with secants and chords in the new Interactive Differential Calculus application
  • Plot the values of the tangent's slope and see the idea of a derivative function forming
  • Explore the connection between a function and its derivative function
  • Graphs can now be viewed horizontally
  • 3D Graphing, with wire mesh and surface colouring
  • Physium periodic table

3D Graphing is in my opinion the most awaited feature, particularly by former users of previous monochrome models (classpad 300/330...) that had this functionality. Taking into consideration the size of the screen, sliders & pinch zoom in graphs will be useful in the analysis of functions. Physium seems to be an interesting alternative to CPeriodic.

Source: Casio Education Australia

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View the latest post New OS update 2.04 released for fx9860 calculators

As anticipated in the previous news today was released a new OS update (2.04) for fx9860 series calculators.


It introduces some features initially added in Casio Prizm OS last updates (but not all).

List of confirmed features added:

  • Vector Calculus (memories A-Z and commands)
  • Automatic parentheses

List of features not added:

  • SolveN has not been updated
  • Improved Equation Solver
  • RanSamp#, StdDev_Sigma(), Variance_Sigma2() commands
  • Improved graphical resolution of integrals

A new version of fa-124 was also released.

In recent days was also discovered more Information about the fx9860GIIs (that comes with os 2.03). You can read the post of TeamFX here for more details.


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View the latest post Casio Prizm OS 2.00, new add-ins and fx9860GII future update

Casio Prizm OS 2.00 Update

This week was released the OS 2.00 for the Casio fx-cg10/fx-cg20 (known as Prizm). Found originally by TeamFX, this new major OS update introduce mainly some new math features.
Let us know them?

Vector Calculus
The FX-CG20 now supports vectors in the natural representation.
New commands for calculate the inner product, cross product, unit vector, norm and angle were added as well as new memories [from A-Z] for storing vectors.

Image Image

Improved graphical resolution of integrals
The latest software version 2.0 makes more flexible the graphical resolution of integrals. Integrals can be solved between all significant points now. Intersection and zero, zero and manual value, everything is possible. The values ​​determined for the integral and also the values ​​of the surface are computed interactively!


Standard deviation and variance
Two frequently requested commands are now included in version 2.0 of the FX-CG20. The commands for the popular standard deviation [ StdDev_Sigma() ] and popular variance [ Variance_Sigma2() ] can now be found in the calculator.


Random queries from lists (permutation)
In the new software version 2.0, is possible randomly get existing lists values with the new RanSamp# command.


Improved Equation Solver
The application for the resolution of equations and equation systems give in the software version 2.0 much more detailed results. All results are now in natural representation and also the results for not clearly solvable equations are now more meaningful.
Image Image

New add-ins: Russian Language and ProbSim

In addition to the new OS 2.0, were released some new add-ins.

ProbSim: For Prizm and fx9860GII
This new add-in is created to perform random tests simulating dice, urns, or playing cards in a clearer, faster and easier way. Various experiments in the field of random experiments can be simulated. The parameters of the individual experiments are updated during the same in real time and displayed for exemple in histograms.
Image Image

Image Image

Russian Language add-in for Prizm
Was also released a language add-in for casio prizm, that add a new language, russian to the available languages.


Some other existing prizm official add-ins have been updated.

Update for Casio FX-9860GII in spring 2014

Also the CASIO FX-9860GII will be updated, according to Casio Schulrechner during the spring 2014. The update will include:
• Automatic parentheses
• Vector Calculus

Both features were initially implemented in Casio Prizm OS, version 1.04 and 2.00 respectively. It's good to see that fx9860GII is not forgotten. :D

I'm looking forward for this update.


Source: Casio Schulrechner and Cemetech

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