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dPicoC v2.1c Alpha1 by Diameter

Beta release! Welcome everyone to find bugs!

Known bug: comma-expression issue, const cannot be used, instead the array number must be used.
Unimplemented function: script mode, stack space to customize.
Caution! This program eat a lot of memory. Stack space allocated by default is 20KB, therefore control the length of the source file! (All source files are read into memory, other actions are also takes up memory ~)

How to Force Quit: Long press the EXIT and the program will display the EXIT Break

Function Support:
Almost all of the fxlib functions are supported (Except Timer and QuitHeader)
Do not add Macro constants, please help yourself to look up the relevant header files!

stdio: based on a pseudo-stream currently supports the following functions:
sprintf(char *, char *,...);
int puts(char *);
char * gets(char *,int);
void cls();

ctype, errno, math, stdbool, string, stdlib: standard c, basically the same

Example code:
Input and output test

Code: Select all
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fxlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

    int main()
        char buf[64];
        double a;
        puts("Input a number:");
        a = atof(buf);
        sprintf(buf,"the square root of %f is %f",a,sqrt(a));
        return 0;

It also comes with a modified version of the neptune45 Edit add-in. Press [optn] to open the c functions catalog.

Visit the CnCalc Thread:

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