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This add-in help you to solve redox equations!

The algorithm what ... very simple, the recursive + exhaustive, just engage in lexical analysis took some time.
Algorithm basically optimize not run good on the PC, but on the slag to 9860 ..
Find an uncomplicated redox reaction, and tried the gorgeous flowers over a minute ... diligent points manpower with with the finished

Methods of operation:
In the bottom of input box you can see uppercase/lowercase icon

The chemical equation optn switch can not have spaces, the chemical formula without coefficient. The error of the equation are the following:
First letter! - Chemical formula first letter is not capitalized, or with a coefficient
Lack left bracket - is missing "("
Lack right bracket - is missing ")"
Unexpected char - unknown character
Too many equal sign - Too many sign "=" in equation
Wrong equation error equation (both sides of elements is not the same as multi-class problem)
Equation too long - equation is too long
Cannot be balanced - Cannot be balanced

If you want to stop, press AC when is busy

Move up "↑" to view the previous record, "EXE" Expand the selected record (if too long, a few pages of the reality, exe to Next)

Enjoy, and give feedback/comments.

  • dBalance beta1
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