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Hey All,

Finally it is finished J I completely revised Arkanoid. It now features 10 different bricks and one brick representing the power-ups. The game has been changed in quite a few ways.

First and most important change is the fact that multiple power-ups can drop at the same time. Also more power-ups can be activated at the same time, so you can have a long bat that is magnetic. Also each power-up has its own countdown counter. Every active power-up is shown in the right corner below (a L for long pad, M for magnetic pad, F for fireball, S for slow ball).

Another addition is the aiming mode, every time the ball is stopped (entering a new level, starting a new life and in magnetic mode) you can aim the ball using the up and down arrows.

Oxinabox requested an extra “Are you sure” dialogue when exiting the game, so that has been added also.

There are 7 designed levels, after that the levels are generated random, so the levels are infinite.

Key map:
EXE: Goto next screen
EXE: Fire Ball
UP/Down: Aim ball
Left/Right: Move pad
Menu: Exit dialogue (exit key exits, EXE returns to game)
VARS: overall gamespeed (specially for CPUSPEED users)
OPTN: Pause screen
SHIFT: Teacher/Boss screen (from here you can also shut down the calc)

Heart: extra life/pad
Skull: lose life/pad
P: 100 extra points
L: extended pad
M: magnetic pad
S: game slows down
F: fireball
N: skip to new level

The power-ups have been changed to,
“fireball mode” every block value is added to the points (in the previous version you’d get 1 point for every block destroyed)
“P” in the previous version you’d get 10 points, now you get 100
“N” when going to next level, all the remaining points of the skipped level are added. (the AC button causes the same effect)
“S” in the previous version only the pad slowed down, now the whole game slows down.

I hope you all enjoy it

And, again please rate my games, I like ratings….

- AC no more skips to next level, now you can choose your start level at the beginning
- thicker pad
- slow powerup now only slows down pad
- cosmetics


- BUG: when "game over" game returned to last played level, fixed, you now return to the first screen, for speed and level setting

4th Place Winner (2006/07 International Category) - Updated since competition.

  • Arkanoid Add in v5.1
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