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This program generates a pair of images of a 3d object.
These pairs may be fused in a user's field of vision to produce perception of

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3D object description.

The program expects the description of a 3D object to be in Lists 1-5
Lists 3,4,5 are x, y, and z coordinates of the object's vertexes. They all must
have same length (equal to the number of vertexes).
To avoid having the image to be too large or too small, please keep the
coordiantes -1<x,y,z<1, but not too small.
Lists 1 and 2 contain represent edges of an object. i-th entry in List 1 is an
index of a first vertex of i-th edge. i-th entry in List 2 is an index of a
second vertex iof i-th edge.

The program comes with several sample 3d objects in .csv files.
To select an object go into Statistics mode and read the .csv with desired
object into current listfile. Make any backups of valuable data in the current
listfile, as it may be overwritten.

The program uses matrix operations to perform rotations in 3d space.
The matrixes V,X,Y,E,R will be used by it and need to be backed up if they contain valuable data.

Keyboard Controls:

arrows = rotate object (no need to wait until drawing is finished)
exit = exit

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