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Our name is inspired by the constellation "Cassiopeia", and is suggested by yeongJIN_COOL, taking advantage of the beginning of the word cassiopeia be very similar to the word/brand casio.
If you want to program for casio calculators you're in the right place! We are a young, but active community.

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View the latest post Algy2 vs. Love&Piece for Classpad

In previous news, we get to know the software/add-in Love&Piece for Classpad/Pc/Mac.


Today I will analyze the add-in/software "rival" Algy2, and compare it with Love&Piece. They are very similar and do (basically) the same.

This two add-ins are used to check the various steps of solving equations, and help the student to find wrong steps. :D

This is one of the most important factors in my opinion, to choose between the two.
Love&Piece: Free
Algy 2: Free in Australia, in the rest of the world it costs 8$/license (They also offer special prices for schools). A trial (limited) is available.

Left: Algy 2 | Right: Love&Piece

Both applications have four menus on top, essentially with the same functions at the same position.
In algy2, to check if your work (step) is correct, you need go to menu "Check" and in Love&Piece when you press EXE it does this automatically.

In keyboards, Love&Piece stands in use symbols instead of traditional letters (note that is also possible use letters). The arrangements of the keyboards are similar in both applications. In the gif below, you can see the two keyboards (Left: Algy 2 | Right: Love&Piece):

With regard to identification of the correct/wrong steps, algy2 only shows an X/-> while the Love&Piece shows an alert box, as you can see below:

Apparently, Algy2 covers more functions like abs(, absexpand(, aCoef( and others.

PC/MAC Version:
Algy 2: Pc Version only available
Love&Piece: Pc and Mac Version available

Both PC versions are run through the cp emulator using ClassPadDLLgcc.dll. I have not tried Love&Piece Mac Version.

I personally prefer Love&Piece, because of their graphical creative environment, however Algy2 support more functions.
If you're interested in one of these two applications, should keep in mind the following factors: price, gui and functions. After a analysis you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Algy2 is developer by StepsInLogic.

Love&Piece is developer by Karla Jean.


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View the latest post Free Online Casio Calculators courses

Casio calculators have many capabilities/functions, that possibly you can not imagine.

One way to better understand this calculators, and take better advantage of it is to do an online course. ;)


At some months ago casio began offering online courses for casio prizm and classpad, and sometimes she organizes promotions where she offers calculators and emulator licenses. Currently USA educators can do Casio prizm course and get a free Prizm :D

Classpad 101 Course:
This course is constituted by 23 lessons, covering the most diverse functions such as 3D graphics, Spreadsheet, eActivity and others.

You can acess it here: Course:
This is a site authored by Casio Solutions, for some great free resources to help teachers and students learn how to get the most out of their ClassPad's. Called the ClassPad Help Series, there are over 160 helpsheets and movies which will quickly get you started.

You can acess it here:

Casio Prizm Course:
This course is based on online videos, exploring in detail the various functions of the casio prizm such as finance, graphs...

You can acess it here:

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View the latest post Diameter is back with dBalance beta1!

After Malical, Adrn 3D Graph and other add-ins for fx9860, Diameter (Anderain) is back with more a quality program.

Now is dBalance, a add-in that help you to solve redox equations!

The interface (gui) is easy to use and very practical. It can solve simple redox equations in some seconds. It's awesome.

Below is the demo:

If you're gonna start now one academic year, and will have to study this type of equations, this tool can help you a lot.

dBalance beta 1

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View the latest post Looking at new refreshed casio calculators

1, 2

Possibly you have heard about new refreshed casio calculators models.

Perhaps for economic/market-related, or simply to add small features (like projector connection in classpad 330+ and 32gb sdhc card support in new fx9860...), Casio has upgraded their line of calculators with more powerful hardware.

New/upgraded calculators:

Casio fx9860 GII SD USB Power Graphic 2
The new casio Fx9860 with label USB Power Graphic 2, now support sdhc cards up to 32gb and use an SH-4A CPU without FPU (SH-7305) like on the Prizm.
However, programs/games compatibility is compromised, with changes in some sdk functions and port addresses. According to the reports of some users maybe more than 70% of the add-in games/programs do not work in the new model.

If you want to buy a calculator of this serie, you must consider buying the old versions to be able to enjoy the games and applications developed by diverse communities. The community will need some time to start releasing/update software for this model. :(

This model is easily identified, as I said earlier, by the label USB Power Graphic 2 under the screen and in box, or by the preinstalled firmware version "OS 2.02".

On the left of the image is the new model USB Power Graphic 2, on the right is the old model.
(credits image: planet-casio)

Casio Classpad 330 Plus
I have written some time ago, a post about major changes in this new model, can be found here.

To summarize here the news:
-Cpu refreshed (sh4)
-Casio created a system to increase the accuracy of rechargeable batteries in os indicator (like prizm)
-Is possible use this Classpad with Casio Compatible Projectors like Prizm!
-The calculator is a usb disk when connected to pc, like prizm. You no longer need to use software like FA-CP1 to put file on calc. Maybe the restriction on the transmission of unknown extension files to the calculator is removed (unconfirmed yet).
-The compatibility with old games/programs was broken. This classpad use add-ins with new extension (.c1a), and there is no sample add-in or sdk yet.
-Old eActivity format (.fls) and program basic format (.mcs) used during classpad OS 1/2 are not supported in this model. You need convert .fls->.xcp (eActivity) and .mcs->.vcp (programs) with classpad manager.

Casio fx-9750GII and fx-7400GII
(credits image: nexusss)

This 2 models also received a new cpu according to cfxm. They have no label, the new models are detectable by the OS version 2.02, only (or by inspecting the board), according to SimonLothar.

I think it is still possible to mod fx-9750GII into fx9860 gii sd power graphic 2, you only need a fx9860 os 2.02 image (unconfirmed yet). If it really is possible, problems of compatibility with add-ins in fx9860 power graphic 2 persist in this calcs.

Casio Prizm fx-cg10 SC Blue

Casio released a casio fx-cg10 model with a blue case in usa. The hardware is the same, is only a aesthetic change.

If you are a gamer/student and want to buy a new of these calculators, you must find the old version. The new changes alone are not attractive, until developers turn to these new models.

If you're a casio developer, you should look for this post and adapt your add-ins for new models. There is also some information in fx_calculators_SuperH_based documentation by SimonLothar.

Sources and other discussions:
Casio Usb Power Graphic 2 SDK Info - Casiopeia
Classpad 330 Plus Changes - Casiopeia
Refreshed Calcs - Omnimaga
fx9860 broken compatibility - omnimaga news
Nouveaux-modeles-incompatibles - Planet Casio (French)

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View the latest post [Classpad] Love&Piece, an add-in essential for your Classpad

Maybe you still do not know this magnificent add-in for ClassPad.


Love&Piece was written by Karla Whitfield (Miss Classpad) and will verify each step of your work as you simplify expressions, solve equations or inequalties. The instant feedback is a wonderful learning tool and it is up to you to correct any mistakes to continue. You no longer have to wonder if your work is correct or not!

The add-in can be installed on a ClassPad handheld or run as a separate application on a PC or Mac computer! :P

Below "promotional trailer":

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use:


This is one of the add-ins that earned a fixed place in my classpad. 8-)

Is compatible with classpad 300/300+/330 with os 3.05/3.05/3.06. Unfortunately there is still no version to classpad 330+, due to changes in hardware of this new model.

You can get it on miss classpad site:


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