[CasioBasic]/[C++]-How to call external function (scripting)

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[CasioBasic]/[C++]-How to call external function (scripting)

Postby warioss » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:19 pm

Hello everyone. I write to you because I wanted to create a program or in "Casio Basic" (with the calculator editor) or in "C++ " (with turboC++ ), that should be able to take a symbolic expression and perform multiplications and derivatives on it. For example :
>> "Enter a function:"
>>? -> A; (example A = (5x) / ((x-1) s))
>> d / dx (A, x) -> B (therefore in B there will be (5 (s - 1)) / (s x - 1) ^ 2)
>> B * (s-1) -> C (therefore in C there will be 5 (s - 1) ^ 2) / (s x - 1) ^ 2)
>> C (print C)

I had thought, if it was possible, to create a sort of script through the mechanism of external calls: that is to call, for example, the ADD-INS "CAS" already installed in my Algebra FX 2.0 Plus and send to it ,as parameters, the function to execute, for example "d / dx (A, x) -> B", in this way I would have in "B" the expression "(5 (s - 1)) / (s x - 1) ^ 2" , and so on.

Is there a chance to do something like that? That is, to call an add-ins from CasioBasic / C ? Or do you have any other solution in mind to create a program that can do what is required? Many thanks in advance.

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