Cahute, a toolset for protocols and file formats

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Cahute, a toolset for protocols and file formats

Postby cakeisalie5 » Mon Mar 04, 2024 5:19 pm

As you may remember, I implemented a transfer tool using Protocol 7.00 back in 2016/2017, called "p7", and did many, many projects regarding protocols and file formats since, that were more or less never released however.
Long story short, I've rebooted my efforts with me being more experimented, and with a complete documentation this time around, making more of an interface rather than a simple tool. This has spawned Cahute!

The only features that come with release 0.1, published today, are for full compatibility and drop-in replacement of legacy p7 and p7screen utilities:

  • File transfer in both directions for fx-9860G, on USB and serial modems.
  • Screenstreaming from both fx-9860G and fx-CG, on USB only.

The utility is primarily made for Linux distributions, but could be ported to Windows later.

Links for the project are the following:

If take any and all feedback :)
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