Looking at new refreshed casio calculators

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Re: Looking at new refreshed casio calculators

Postby TeamFX » Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:40 pm

helder7 wrote:A new (regional) version of the fx9860g series called "FX-9860GII S" is already being sold in some online stores, destined to NY Schools.

The pink fx-9860GII comes with OS 02.02.0201

The fx-9860GIIs comes with OS 02.03.5300
PCB revision: 001V02 with Macronix MX29LV320EBTI-70G
Internal model type: GY498A (subtype 0x99)

OS 2.03 doesn't support natural output like "3pi" or "4sqrt(2)".
Also, the conversion menu is missing ([OPTN]/[F6]/[F1]).
But they added the Prizm OS 1.04 automatic parentheses feature: 2:2(2+2) -> 2:(2(2+2))

Now we know why there were updated Geometry and Physium add-ins in early 2013.

Let's update our list of country-specific OS versions:
y = 0 : n/a
y = 1 : Australia
y = 2 : France
y = 3 : USA and Canada
y = 4 : China
y = 5 : Singapore

I could also confirm that Prizm OS 01.04.4200 and 02.00.4200 are Chinese versions.
The internal model type is LY755E (subtype 0xA5) on fx-CG20 CN.

Why Singapore?

"Approved calculators:
fx-9860G Slim

Julian Chan: "What is the difference between the fx-9860GII and the fx-9860GIIs?"
Casio Calculator Singapore: "Hi Julian, the difference between these two models is that fx-9860GII is worldwide model, whereas fx-9860GIIS is a Singapore exclusive customized model approved by SEAB (Singapore Examinations Assessment Board) for local schools and especially examination use. Hope that clarifies, cheers!"



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