Algy2 vs. Love&Piece for Classpad

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Algy2 vs. Love&Piece for Classpad

Postby helder7 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:24 pm

In previous news, we get to know the software/add-in Love&Piece for Classpad/Pc/Mac.


Today I will analyze the add-in/software "rival" Algy2, and compare it with Love&Piece. They are very similar and do (basically) the same.

This two add-ins are used to check the various steps of solving equations, and help the student to find wrong steps. :D

This is one of the most important factors in my opinion, to choose between the two.
Love&Piece: Free
Algy 2: Free in Australia, in the rest of the world it costs 8$/license (They also offer special prices for schools). A trial (limited) is available.

Left: Algy 2 | Right: Love&Piece

Both applications have four menus on top, essentially with the same functions at the same position.
In algy2, to check if your work (step) is correct, you need go to menu "Check" and in Love&Piece when you press EXE it does this automatically.

In keyboards, Love&Piece stands in use symbols instead of traditional letters (note that is also possible use letters). The arrangements of the keyboards are similar in both applications. In the gif below, you can see the two keyboards (Left: Algy 2 | Right: Love&Piece):

With regard to identification of the correct/wrong steps, algy2 only shows an X/-> while the Love&Piece shows an alert box, as you can see below:

Apparently, Algy2 covers more functions like abs(, absexpand(, aCoef( and others.

PC/MAC Version:
Algy 2: Pc Version only available
Love&Piece: Pc and Mac Version available

Both PC versions are run through the cp emulator using ClassPadDLLgcc.dll. I have not tried Love&Piece Mac Version.

I personally prefer Love&Piece, because of their graphical creative environment, however Algy2 support more functions.
If you're interested in one of these two applications, should keep in mind the following factors: price, gui and functions. After a analysis you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Algy2 is developer by StepsInLogic.

Love&Piece is developer by Karla Jean.

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