New OS update 2.04 released for fx9860 calculators

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New OS update 2.04 released for fx9860 calculators

Postby helder7 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:21 pm

As anticipated in the previous news today was released a new OS update (2.04) for fx9860 series calculators.


It introduces some features initially added in Casio Prizm OS last updates (but not all).

List of confirmed features added:
  • Vector Calculus (memories A-Z and commands)
  • Automatic parentheses

List of features not added:
  • SolveN has not been updated
  • Improved Equation Solver
  • RanSamp#, StdDev_Sigma(), Variance_Sigma2() commands
  • Improved graphical resolution of integrals

A new version of fa-124 was also released.

In recent days was also discovered more Information about the fx9860GIIs (that comes with os 2.03). You can read the post of TeamFX here for more details.

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