Classpad 330 plus basic question - graphics/screen

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Classpad 330 plus basic question - graphics/screen

Postby mogkupo » Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:45 am


Just got a Classpad 330 Plus to replace my ancient FX-730P that had served me well for many years

I'm seeing what I can do with the basic on it right now, it all seems fairly straightforward however there is one thing I'm having a bit of bother with...

How on starting a program do I get it to use the entire screen? I see no obvious command to do this (the same as pressing the Resize soft button on the bottom of the touchscreen, I want to do this in code so my programs can use the entire screen (well, most of it) for graphics)

The manual lacks much in the way of example code and I'm not exactly coming up with a lot searching online so any help would be appreciated


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