Syscall compatibility

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Syscall compatibility

Postby Casimo » Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:21 pm

Why does calling system calls like

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typedef char*(*sc_cpv)(void);
const unsigned int sc0135[] = { 0xD201D002, 0x422B0009, 0x80010070, 0x0135 };
#define ML_vram_adress (*(sc_cpv)sc0135)

work with an SH4, but why

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static int SysCallCode[] = {0xD201422B,0x60F20000,0x80010070};
static int (*SysCall)( int R4, int R5, int R6, int R7, int FNo ) = (void*)&SysCallCode;
char* ML_vram_adress()
    return (char*)((*SysCall)(0, 0, 0, 0, 309));


I guess its the use of the adresses, but I want to be sure ;) .

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Re: Syscall compatibility

Postby SimonLothar » Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:28 pm

Color me amazed!

This worked for me:

const int SysCallCode[] = {0xD201422B,0x60F20000,0x80010070};

Obviously an issue of the MPU7305's Memory Management Unit (MMU).
Running code from virtual mapped RAM seems to lead to mayhem on fx-9860(SH-4)-types.

The statements
static int SysCallCode[] = {0xD201422B,0x60F20000,0x80010070};
and outside of any function:
int SysCallCode[] = {0xD201422B,0x60F20000,0x80010070};

will place SysCallCode into static RAM, which is virtualized.

If you place the code onto stack, which is not virtualized, the calculator does not crash.
They seem to have activated some access protection function of the MMU/TLB on the fx-9860(SH-4)-types.
I'll be back!

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