SH4 and Revolution-FX

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SH4 and Revolution-FX

Postby natinusala » Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:40 pm


I own a Casio fx-9750 G II (SH4) with the OS from the Graph 75/95 so I can install add-ins on it. I created a simple add-in to test the SDK, with Revolution-FX.

But I have a problem : with CoolText (and everything using DrawSprite in general), the drawn stuff appears in the SDK emulator's screen but not on my calculator.

I heard it's a problem with VRAM address and all this stuff, how am I supposed to fix this ?

Here is a code snippet, the CoolText is not working on SH4 calculator (but fine in emulator) :

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void draw()
        //Construction du String des cookies
        char cookiesStr[15];
        sprintf(cookiesStr, "%d", cookiesOwned);
        //Calcul de la position du cookie
        cookiesX = 29-(2*integerLength(cookiesOwned));
        //Dessin de tout ça
        drawCookie(0, 0, 1);
        CoolText(cookiesX, 22, FONT_FIVE, cookiesStr, SDK_VRAM);

Could you help me ? drawCookie is a Bdisp_WriteGraph_VRAM and is working on both emulator and calculator.

Thanks !

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Re: SH4 and Revolution-FX

Postby Casimo » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:56 pm

Replace SDK_VRAM by the system call 0x135.

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typedef char*(*sc_cpv)(void);
const unsigned int sc0135[] = { 0xD201D002, 0x422B0009, 0x80010070, 0x0135 };
#define GetVRAMAddress (*(sc_cpv)sc0135)

after the #includes
create a pointer
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char * vram = GetVRAMAddress();

and replace SDK_VRAM by vram

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