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Site Updates Changelog

Postby helder7 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:49 pm

As I make changes in site I'll post here a log of most (if not all) changes.
Here you can find out about new features that are added or bugs fixed on the site (casiopeia).

Added syntax highlight to the code tag and some new bbcode tags (progress, sploiler, youtube).

Added a link to "Tutorial...How To Transfer" in the sidebar for registered users.

Bug: Downloads bbcode parsing (in short description) that broke the layout fixed.
Update: After an user select calculators, if he remove all, the profile field "calculators" becomes empty. Added the text "none" when this profile field is empty.

Added a link to "Eact Maker" tool in the sidebar.

Blocked 288 email services (used by spammers) for new registrations. (more info)

Update: Added new anti-spam measures:
-Integration with "Stop Forum Spam" database to check new registrations
-Integration with Akismet service to automatically detect spam posts and not approve them for new users.
Posts detected as spam need moderator approval.
-I rewrote the code from the sidebar "Latest Posts" to not display posts in "Recycle bin" or unapproved (by Akismet).

Some updates in downloads section:
-Now are displayed 10 comments (instead of 1) in "latest comment" tab
-Added notifications to file uploader/author by pm when someone comments(except the author himself)
-'Last comment' tab renamed to 'Last comments'
-'The informations were updated' renamed to 'Your information was updated'

Bug: Jquery conflit between Login Box and downloads thumbnail (lytebox) fixed.

Added 16 new Smilies (more info

Bug: bbcode buttons not work in add/edit downloads comment(s) fixed.

New page: Downloads Latest Comments created (more info)
Added a link to that page in downloads footer.

Created download categories for Classpad II (fx-cp400) for Games, Programs and Educational in Downloads Section.

Added the model "Casio Classpad fx-cp400" to the profile calculator selection.

Some changes, updates and fix's in downloads section.
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