Classpad 330 Plus, Whats New?

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Classpad 330 Plus, Whats New?

Postby helder7 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:41 pm

For many users, the launch of a new ClassPad without color screen was a disillusion. I am sure that a ClassPad with Color Screen would be a "Nspire Cx Cas Killer".

However I was analyzing the Classpad 330 Plus manuals. I come here to refer to changes.


Hardware changes:
Sh4 processor

In the Initial Configuration
As in other models, now appears a window to choose the type of batteries:


Projector Connection
Now is possible use Classpad with Casio Compatible Projectors like Prizm!

Computer Connection
The calculator is a usb disk, like prizm. You no longer need to use software like FA-CP1 to put file on calc. Maybe the restriction on the transmission of unknown extension files to the calculator is removed.

Support 3 folder levels.

It uses memory files for programs, etc... with extensions .vcp and .xcp

Old add-ins doesnt work in new classpad, because the new classpad use a Sh4 processor (like power grapic 2 models and prizm).
There are also a new add-in format (.c1a). Maybe casio doesnt release any SDK.

This news does not surprise me. I'm waiting for the Color Classpad! I still prefer my classpad 330, because there are many add-ins developed for it and I have doubts about the success of this new model!
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