[beta] fxMaze - fast fx9860 Raycaster

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[beta] fxMaze - fast fx9860 Raycaster

Postby Casimo » Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:16 am

fxMaze is a fast 2.5-D raycaster in monochrome colors. It includes moving enemies, sprite packs, doors, height differences.

As extra feature I added some hardware gimmicks, like backlight flash on hit or contrast change at low health.

(License is GPLv3)


Known bugs:
- sprites and different heights don't like each other
- the player shoots in all directions, that means you don't shoot in the direction you are looking to
- something is wrong with the floor and height differences
- in the emulator, the player is "jumping" forwards / backwards due to something with the FPS counter

- add more weapons
- add more sprites
- add a story or something
- improve the casting algorithm, especially the floor and ceiling
- dynamic over / underclocking
- more speed

If someone wants to make screenshots or a youtube video, I would like to show it here.
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Re: [beta] fxMaze - fast fx9860 Raycaster

Postby helder7 » Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:59 pm

I took some screenshots:,bq1zjkS,C4I2Rc1,7IyT0xa#3

I liked the game. Even in beta, the project seems to be promising. If a new version is released in the future with the bug fixs and some features from Wishlist, would be nice. Would be a kind of new "wolfenstein 3d" for fx9860g!
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